Lacking realistic digital marketing goals Focusing on eyeballs instead of offers · Failing to talk about your customers (and their problems) By 2023, global digital marketing spend will reach $146 billion. Businesses are increasing their investment in digital marketing because it works. But,  not always. This Blog will cover some of the most common digital marketing mistakes to avoid and which businesses everywhere make

  1. Your Target Market is not decided-  If you are doing anything Without Clearly Defined Audiences. Focus on targeted audience way of expanding the market and reaching more customers. If you don’t set goals, you would not know what’s going on with your campaign and you will never know know where you succeeded or what areas you need to work on improving.
  2. Avoiding the Mobile Users- Is My website optimized for mobile? Google will crawl and index your website’s mobile version first, instead of your desktop version- Google has been doing this until now. More people own a smartphone than a toothbrush. Here’s why:
  • 44.85% of the world’s population owns a smartphone
  • 1 in every 5 Americans is a smart-phone only internet user; they do not use any other device to access the internet
  • 51% of the global web traffic happens on mobile

If the mobile version of your website has lesser, thinner, poor content than your desktop, then your website will not rank higher.

  1. Neglecting your website design- User-friendly website that’s easy to use and provides valuable information. A user-friendly website is a must for businesses in the digital age. Make sure your website is Mobile-responsive, Quick to load, Easy to navigate
  1. Setting Goals That are not real - Winning strategies have realistic goals. The solution is simple: set goals that you can realistically achieve with digital marketing. Many digital marketers expect all visitors to convert into sales, which is another deadly mistake they make as this creates doubts in their minds about the benefits of digital marketing.

Many digital marketers, in order to boost customer engagement, tend to invest in content that is click bait in nature

  1. Ignoring SEO & Social Media- If you haven’t incorporated SEO into your digital marketing strategy, people won’t find your website in the search results, SEO takes time to develop, so you must have patient. Biggest online marketing mistakes that businesses make with SEO is not giving it enough time to start showing results. follow other SEO best practices like:
  • high-quality, targeted content
  • site’s load time to deliver information fast
  • Optimizing your title tags

Designing U (Best Web Designing and Development Agency in Mumbai, Thane, Powai)- Alternatively, employ the services of a professional agency whose job is to follow and apply SEO knowledge and trends. Many of these businesses keep making the same digital marketing mistakes that affect their traffic and lead generation conversion rates and ROI.