With COVID-19 creating an impact on the business ecosystem, the uncertainties will grow beyond the lockdown. In these economic crisis businesses will find it hard to meet their lead generation targets. Without in-person networking and traditional advertising how can your business make meaningful relationships?

Well, where there is a will, there’s always a way out to come out of the crisis and focus on growing your business. Though driving revenue may seem hard right now, Designing U will share some of the important points that you need to incorporate in your marketing strategy.

Let’s explore how to generate leads amid the pandemic.

Focus on messaging

The messaging that was a cash cow for you may not give you the same results now. Think about your offering and consider which elements are most likely to engage with your audience in the current scenario. You need to refine and tailor some areas of your messaging.

Right now, it’s important that you empathise with your clients and prospects, whilst still adhering to your brand voice. In B2B marketing, a stiff, corporate tone makes your business sound like it wears a beeper. Instead a friendly tone with a personal touch can connect well with your audience..

This is a sensitive time for everyone. So, the tone and communication approach will greatly impact on how your audience perceives about your brand. Tweaking your messaging to cater to your audience’s concerns and trying to solve their problem can go a long way, not only in retaining your current clients but also in attracting new ones.

Be consistent and be relevant

If you want your brand to be known as the most trusted and valued source by your audience, you need to be visible consistently. Publishing articles regularly and maintaining an active online presence with new content shared across your social marketing channels. This will help you to stay alive in the minds of your current clients and pique the interest in your potential customers.

As people are staying home, social media usage is at its all-time high. This indicates that your target audience is more likely to engage with your online advertising activities than before. This opens up a window of opportunity for your brand to be visible to over 2 billion users across social channels. Leverage your social media to broadcast your business updates, offer assistance and always share new content with them.

The content you share should be thoughtful, informative and educational. Be careful, insensitive sales pitches will be dumped down. Remember that your communication needs to be relevant and useful and it should offer a solution to your audience.

Adapt your marketing to the latest trends

Businesses around the globe are modifying their marketing plan to be more accessible and relevant in the current scenario. You can offer a value addition in your services, discounts or the create giveaway freebies.

We recently ran a target ad campaign for a client and we saw a spike in content downloads over the weekends and evenings. This is a proof that confirms that people are spending more time online and that they are looking for fresh and relevant information.

With a little creativity, it’s possible to minimise your losses and find new opportunities to capture leads. Your audience has a lot of time to kill, so give them content that adds value to them. Content that you can include:



     Downloadable guides

     Online tutorials


Being adaptive with the changing times and making strategic decisions can help generate genuine leads. Whatever marketing approach you execute, ensure that your target audience knows that you are available for them, and make your efforts to provide them with focussed solutions.

Last words

Be consistent in your communication. Staying active on your social channels and adapting new marketing strategies can attract new leads and can give your business a stronger push during the pandemic.